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About yaser seidi

Hi, I am Yasser Seidi, I have graduated of Business Administration. I have also been active in many works such as fashion ,cloth designing , illustrator ,cooking ,accounting and photography beside Modeling. My life priorities in order are work, family, social life and my friends. I usually have a formal cover and I always design my own elements for my clothes and I have a special style of hair.I am a model of Grad ,Inorno Duke ,Rybak ,Anta , Pako ,Mr Dandy ,Farhang Studio , Farus Studio and… brands.I should have mentioned that in Iran, we do not have a  Modeling course at university and it is not addressed in the form of skill or job . The admiration of the people and the photographers helped me and motivated me to enter the field as a model when I was 25 years old and helped me to express myself  in the design and display of goods strongly. What makes me unique compared to Iranian models is the color of my hair and skin. I am going to gym regularly and train as a personal trainer in order to be in good shape which helps me  a lot as I always tried to look good. I remember the first day of photography when I was able to stand patiently  in front of the camera for a long period of time in a project and appeared in a nice flash that was made by the project manager. I tried to explain clearly that people understand everything and try to express the positive points of the project and the benefits, even though ,  ignoring the advantages and disadvantages.

یاسر صیدی